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Category: Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon Spring Fishing

Chinook Salmon are found in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia’s coastal streams and river 12 months of the year. Spring and fall are the most popular times due to the number of salmon in these rivers. However, each...

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Chinook Salmon Summer Fishing

In the summer, Chinook Salmon can be found in the ocean, though some are still found in rivers and streams and lakes. They are found in abundance in the Great Lakes. The ocean is filled with much more food than rivers and...

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Chinook Salmon Winter Fishing

Little is known about Winter Salmon. What we do know is that they enter small rivers on the South Coast of Oregon after the rains of November have cleared the sandbars from the mouths of these rivers. The run peaks in mid-late...

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Chinook Salmon An Introduction

The Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), is a species of anadromous fish. It is also known as the king salmon, tyee salmon, Columbia River salmon, black salmon, chub salmon, hook bill salmon, winter salmon, Spring Salmon,...

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Chinook Salmon Feeding Habits

Young Chinook Salmon fry and smolts feed primarily on plankton but also eat terrestrial and aquatic insects, amphipods and crustaceans. However, after heading to the ocean, their diet changes somewhat. The ocean also offers a...

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Chinook Salmon Habitat

Spawning Chinook Salmon prefer gravel to rocky rivers with stones in the two to three inch range. The gradient range is between one to four inches. But if the gravel appears that it is unstable, they will move on. They will not...

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Chinook Salmon Lake Fishing

Google search for Chinook Salmon and you would never believe that the Chinook Salmon would be found in a lake habitat unless it was placed there by a stocking program. Chinook Salmon normally migrate from their headwaters...

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Chinook Salmon Reproduction

Successful reproduction depends on several factors. Their habitat must be able to support the foods required for young Chinook Salmon as well as adults. The water in which the spawn must be clean, cool and well oxygenated and...

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Chinook Salmon River Fishing

River fishing for Chinook Salmon has to be one the best habitats to fish for Chinook. For those that love fly fishing, this is a real treat. Chinook Salmon put up a great fight and hit the line really hard. Spring is the best...

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Chinook Salmon Features and Size

Chinook Salmon have a deep blue-green back, silvery sides and a white belly with black irregular spots on the back, dorsal fin and both lobes of the tail. They have small eyes, black gum coloration, a thick caudal peduncle and...

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Chinook Salmon Autumn Fishing

Chinook Salmon are the largest of the Salmon species and are found in deep water and faster flowing rivers. Chinook start showing up in the Fraser River, in British Columbia, in late May and run until late November. We will...

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Chinook Salmon Deep Water Fishing

Chinook salmon can be found as deep as 150 in the summer months in the Great Lakes, which includes Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. As summer tapers off, Chinook Salmon will move from the...

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Tip of The Month

Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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