The same characteristics that play in summer play in autumn.

“And in this Discourse I do not undertake to say all that is known, or may be said of it, but I undertake to acquaint the Reader with many things that are not usually known to every angler; and I shall leave gleanings and observations enough to be made out of the experience of all that love and practice this recreation, to which I shall encourage them. For Angling may be said to be like the Mathematics, that it can ne’er be fully learnt; at least not so fully, but that there will still be more new experiments left for the trial of other men that succeed us.”
Izaak Walton, The Complete Angler


The story so far… was conceived during a lunch discussion in a restaurant. The discussion revolved around bass fishing and how finding complete information on bass angling was not always an easy task. We saw a need for a comprehensive bass site that would provide visitors with a one stop shop for all things bass related, from lures to techniques.


Within a year the discussion had turned into a concept and a design and found it’s way onto the World Wide Web. Although by no means complete, the site has achieved it’s goal of being a one stop shop for bass anglers and the reference material, links and information will continue to grow.


Simon“Like many anglers, I got my start watching my father fishing. I always loved spending time by the water as a kid and fishing became a popular past time for me.


As I grew older, fishing became a way to relax and unwind. It also became an excuse to spend more time outdoors and to travel around the world, launching many adventures in some incredible remote locations.


I feel fortunate to have fished all over the world and hope this website can spark an interest in others to fish and enjoy the great outdoors.”


Simon Yates


The founders of the site lay the foundation for an extraordinary resource library with bassfishing-gurus. The most comprehensive source of information covering every species of bass, salmon, charr and trout in the world.


We’re proud to pick-up and take this site into the future celebrating fishing.


Bassfishing-gurus is about YOU and for you.


If you’re new to fishing or a weekend angler we have an indepth library and the resources to guide you to get the most from your outings on the water. We hope that the passion we have for the sport will carry through the site encouraging, educating and entertaining.


For the fishing enthusiasts, we’ve got you covered. Access the library, check out the articles and get excited about the next fishing trip.


We’ll be adding our reviews, experience and feedback we receive on products to the mix for additional guidance. With the aim of being the ultimate reference guide for fishing and tackle for our readers.


A mix of deep-sea fishing enthusiasts, weekend anglers and keen ‘yak anglers will add to the experience and views we’ll share.

…..for the love of all things fishing.


Feel free to contact us if you’d like to see something covered in bassfishing-gurus or you have a story to share. We’d love you to share with the community your tips, experience and story.


Welcome onboard bfg. Thanks for joining us.