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White Bass An Introduction

There are no fishing limits placed on them due to their short life span and high reproductive capacity. White Bass (Morone chrysops) is a member of the temperate sunfish family and is known for travelling in schools. It is a...

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White Bass Summer Fishing

While White Bass prefer the cooler waters in summer, they still chase after bait fish and will come to the surface to eat. Summer fishing techniques for White Bass differ a little from Spring as mating is over by summer and the...

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White Bass Winter Fishing

Bait cast with standard baits with and without spoons. Things may be a little slow, but that can be expected. Winter is a great time to catch White Bass. They can be caught in dam tail waters by tightlining from the bank or wade...

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White Bass Reproduction

After spawning, the adults return back to deeper water and form into compact schools. Spawning White Bass do not require brackish water to spawn. Moreover, they do not like salt water and even avoid water with any level of...

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White Bass River Fishing

White Bass feast mostly on baitfish, crayfish and the offspring of other predatory fish like the largemouth bass. Habitat & Distribution White Bass can be found in a large distribution ranging from the Mississippi drainage...

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White Bass Features and Size

> The males become sexually mature at the end of their first year and the females reaching sexual maturity after year two. Body Profile White Bass are generally thicker, stouter fish compared to their striper and white bass...

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White Bass Spring Fishing

At the end of spring, when white bass return to tight schools, traditional bait casting can be used with baits like crayfish, worms, fathead and golden shiners. In spring, White Bass venture up rivers and streams to spawn. These...

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White Bass Distribution

White Bass have been transplanted to many other lakes and rivers, Bass Fishing Gurus is focused on covering the major white bass fishing spots. White Bass are common in the Mississippi Valley, the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes and...

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White Bass Feeding Habits

Fishing in the dark, focus on lures that provide a flash, much like baitfish. Although White Bass spend most of their time in deep waters, they often come to the surface to feed on small schools of shad or other minnows and...

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White Bass Lake Fishing

White Bass feast mostly on baitfish, crayfish and the offspring of other predatory fish like the largemouth bass. Lake Techniques A good White Bass lake technique is to use surface lure action, a small propelled floating plug...

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White Bass Night Fishing

Night fishing is very rewarding with a low light device but be careful of any legislation in your area that would make such a device illegal and cause you to have your gear confiscated. Fishing for White Bass at night is a lot...

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Top Tips

Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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