River fishing for Arctic Charr is easier than lake fishing. Arctic Charr are easily found at the mouth of a river in spring and summer, before they return to the inland lakes in September and October.

Tip: Look for places where the current drops over a gravel bar, leading into a deep pool. Arctic Charr are often found here.

Fast Moving Water Tips

In parts of the river where the current is strong and fast moving, light to moderately weighted lures will not work.

  • Use heavy bodied spoons for these fast moving parts of the river
  • Colors that work best include bright colors like orange or red
  • Spinners or plugs also work well if weighted heavy enough.

Remember the point here is to get below the surface turbulence. If you have experience fishing in fast moving rivers, you’ll have no trouble in these conditions.

Arctic Charr Fly Fishing Tips

Fly fishing for Arctic Charr is a lot of fun. However, this is best accomplished when the water level is low. Fast moving deep water will require greater skill and not recommended for the novice angler.

  • Dry flies work best when the mosquito population is out in force.
  • For faster moving and deeper water, appropriately weighted wet flies work best.

Water Temperature

The water temperature at the surface actually drops below freezing during the winter, dropping to -1°C /30°F.

In the summer, the temperature is much more workable, warming up to 4 to 5°C/39 to 41°F where much of the fishing is done.