If you want to be able to catch just Sockeye Salmon, deep sea fishing is not for you. River fishing is best if you want to target a specific species.


Deep sea fishing for Sockeye Salmon is possible throughout much of the year. However fishing charters cannot guarantee that you’ll end up catching Sockeye Salmon or even just Salmon. It’s because the ocean is filled with many different species that all eat the same small fish like herring. And herring can end up catching multiple fish species like tuna, halibut, rockfish and various varieties of Pacific Salmon.


Some charters will focus on Salmon by taking you to locations that are prime habitats for Salmon. However as different species of salmon can school together, it’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll only catch Sockeye Salmon or any Sockeye at all.

Ocean Sockeye Fishing Tips

You can’t go wrong with herring, anchovies or squid. These are top baits for ocean fishing and work very well when fishing in the top 50 feet of water. If you’re fishing deeper, consider the use of silver spoons that attract attention by reflecting light.


Other good lures to use include the Hootchie as well as bright pink spoons when fishing the estuaries of rivers and streams before the Sockeye enter the rivers to spawn.


Pink lures also work well when fishing in bays along the coast where schooling bait fish can be found. Despite some of the feedback we’re receiving, we don’t get any kick backs from mentioning the Hootchie lure….we just know it works.

Charter Tips Sockeye Salmon

Check with the local bait shops, Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau if you’re planning a fishing trip to help you choose a good charter for where you want to go.


If you’re not experienced with the sea, pack some anti-nausea medicine as sea sickness is common and you don’t want to ruin your trip.


Pick a charter that offers all the gear including bait and food. This is a recommended option if you’re flying from out of town. There’s no risk of a ruined trip due to luggage being lost of damaged.