best lures for brown trout fishing at nightBig Brown Trout are well known for their night feeding and many anglers love going after them. And often the larger brown trout are easier to catch at night than they are during the day.


They come into the shallows to feed off bait fish and insects. Especially in the spring when there’s an abundance of insect life as well as small fish.

Brown Trout Avoid Cover

At night Brown Trout leave their cover behind and move around freely hunting for prey. Unlike daylight, they can be found roaming the shallows without the need to dive in for cover.


However, they can still be scared away.

  • Avoid making noise as Brown Trout can hear it and will be frightened off
  • Avoid sudden movements as they can also see above the water level
  • avoid wearing bright colors
  • Avoid spilling gasoline in the water. Not only is it bad for the environment, but Brown Trout will smell it and wander off

Night Time Feeding Habits

Brown Trout don’t change their tastes in food when they’re feeding at night.

  • Use the same lures and baits that work during the day like smelt, minnows, alewife and worms.

Fly fishing at night is possible but only recommended on nights when the moon is bright. These nights also tend to be the best nights for fishing for Brown Trout as well.

Don’t worry about the color of your lures when fishing at night. Brown Trout don’t have eyes that are very sensitive so color matters not.

  • Spoons and spinners are very effective as they reflect light and catch their attention causing them to strike.

Night Fishing Safety

Every year many anglers get hurt fishing at night.

  • Go out during the day and scout the shoreline of the shallows and the river mouths feeding the lake. Make mental as well as paper notes on areas likely to hold fish and areas to avoid.
  • Never fish alone at night. When fishing with a friend, be sure to stick together. It only takes a moment to fall into the water and hit your head on a rock.
  • Fish only familiar stretches of rivers and streams at night. Night fishing is dangerous at the edges of eroded banks and moving currents.