The Aurora Trout, (Salvelinus fontinalis timagamienis), is a sub species of the Brook Trout, but it is different in appearance from all other trout.

The Aurora Trout looks most like the Brook Trout, yet it does not have any spots or speckles on any part of its body.

The mature Aurora Trout lack the yellow marks throughout its back that are very similar to the Brook Trout. However, there are no red spots or blue halos.

The Aurora’s back ranges from olive-green down to dark brown with iridescent steel blue and silver sides. The Aurora Trout is silvery on its under body that are often tinged with pink.

Both the dorsal and caudal fins have black lines, while the pectoral, pelvic and anal fins have a white leading edge backed by a black bar and an orange or red posterior.

Detailed Measurements

The Head measure on average about 4 inches in length to end of the lateral line. And the snout is 3 to 3.5 inches long, making up most of the head.

The Aurora Trout does not have a raised crest and there are no basibranchial teeth. However, the teeth found on the tongue and dentary strong and recurved.

The Aurora Trout has an elongated profile. In large fish, averaging 13 inches in length, the maxillary extends beyond the vertical from the posterior margin of the eye.

When compared to the Lake Trout of the same size, the maxillary extends beyond the posterior margin of the eye a distance equal to about only three-fourths of the length of the eyeball.

The head is relatively broad and flattened or depressed.

The distance from the back end of the dorsal to the beginning of the adipose fin is equal to the length of the head.

Fall Habitat

And in fall, when water temperatures chill and male auroras search out shallow, gravely springs and upwellings along shore on which to spawn, their bellies turn as brilliant orange and red as an autumn sunset.

Aurora Trout Size

The biggest aurora trout caught in Ontario weighed 6.75-pounds. The trout was 20.25-inches long with a 13.5-inch girth. However, the average size is more likely to be around five pounds.