There are several advantages to ice fishing in the winter. As all of their lakes in the Blueback Trout’s distribution freeze over, ice fishing is the only option.

Blueback Trout spend their entire summer in the deepest parts of the lakes in their distribution. You see, Blueback Trout are related to Arctic Charr, which need very cold water to survive. The distribution for Arctic Charr is, as the name implies, mostly in the Arctic Regions of the world.

As the Blueback Trout is simply an Arctic Charr that was stranded in Maine and Canada after the last ice age, it has the same need for cold and crisp water. Therefore, it has very little tolerance for warm water.

Well Oxygenated Water

Finding Blueback in Deep Water

Deep water is the only place that you will find Blueback Trout in the summer time. All charr species avoid warm water, so those that have been isolated since the last ice age, deep water is the only place to go.

While they will venture into shallower water, they will only do so if there is good enough reason such as a large school of bait fish.

However, for them to go after the school of bait fish, they must be close enough for the Blueback Trout to see or the bait will be ignored.

Not only do Blueback Trout require cold, crisp and clean water, but they also require well oxygenated water and will not be found in lakes that have relatively stagnant water.

Blueback Trout Fishing Techniques

Casting methods work well but require a lot more skill as the Blueback are found deep and the use of a boat is best when they are in motion. So the best method for catching Blueback Trout when they are deep in summer is using trolling methods from a boat using a planar device.

The planar device keeps the lure presented at the right depth allowing it to function like the Blueback Trout’s favourite food.