where the biggest bass are caught

this is a sturdy survivor that flourishes in almost any freshwater river


The Largemouth Bass has a top reputation as an incredible fighter.


Like most bass, Largemouth  tend to remain in the same waters their entire lives, preferring the familiar environment a few hundred yards from their birthplace. They’re not adventurous and they don’t wander throughout the body of water where they live.

Top fishing locales

It’s the most popular sport fish in North America. In Canada, there’s dozens of lodges in many parts on Ontario and Quebec that cater to fishing Largemouth Bass along with several other top sport fish like salmon, trout and charr.

In United States

Largemouth Bass fishing is big in Texas and there’s an abundance of large fish caught here all the time.


In fact, the 50 largest largemouth bass ever caught here are all over 15.3 pounds. Of these 50, 32 of them were caught at Lake Fork.

In Canada

  • The fish take longer to grow and don’t grow as big due to the number of remote lakes. However the average size is much bigger as they haven’t been over fished.

With over 70,000 lakes and rivers, Canada offers so many destinations that it becomes more about where in Canada you want to visit rather than where’s the best fishing. Your best bet here is to visit the many lodges as your trip becomes more about the lodge you stay at as most destination offer great Largemouth Bass fishing.

Competitions and Tournaments

Each year, there are dozens of Largemouth Bass fishing competitions or tournaments across the world, especially in North America. The prizes can be very large and bass fishing is big business.


On the west coast of the United States, WON BASS hold the United States Open of bass fishing on Lake Mead in Nevada. Prizes at this event pay out close to $500,000 annually.


We receive the highest percentage of visitors from the United States as the popularity of bass fishing and bass tournaments are popular in every state.

Canada and the United Kingdom and the next most popular. These stats pale in comparison to the $1,000,000 paid out in the Wal-Mart Forrest L Wood Tour. This event is televised on ESPN, a top US Sports cable network.


The largemouth bass is widely distributed across Canada, the United State, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and many other countries in Europe and Asia.