During October, schools of Chum Salmon stay in saltwater bays close to estuaries.

Two Chum Salmon Runs

Chum swim in tight schools near on the surface. Chum Salmon launch themselves almost horizontally from the water, invariably falling lazily on their sides.

In the northern part of their distribution, spawning can start as early as June in northern Russia, Canada and Alaska. In Washington, there are two actual runs of Chum Salmon, one in the fall and one in the winter.

River Chum Salmon Fishing

For those that like to beat their heads against the wall, fishing for Chum Salmon in rives and streams can be challenging but not without gain. Chum Salmon may still strike a lure in order to defend their territory, but not to eat.

Ocean Chum Fall Fishing Techniques

The best way to catch Chum Salmon in Autumn is in the ocean as well as bay areas that are high in bait fish.

While most mature Chum Salmon spawn in the fall, the majority of them are still in the sea maturing and an easy catch for any angler that knows how to track bait fish and other components of the diet.

The greatest difficulty in finding Chum Salmon in the ocean is finding them due to the size of the ocean.

Chum Salmon can be found in deep water, but most often they are located in shallow water close to the shoreline following the bait fish. Most of their food is found in water no deeper than 60 feet/18 meters.

Look for chum salmon jumping and splashing. this is a sign that they is a school of bait fish they are feeding on.

Look for Chum Salmon in the top 60 feet of water, but pay special attention to the first 30 feet of water.

Troll slowly and try plastic flashers such as Hot Spots, they are next to impossible to stop rotating.