While White Bass prefer the cooler waters in summer, they still chase after bait fish and will come to the surface to eat.

Summer fishing techniques for White Bass differ a little from Spring as mating is over by summer and the White Bass move into deeper water, though they do not always stay deep and will chase after their prey regardless of depth. Top baits that prove successful at catching White Bass include minnows and crayfish. Plastic worms, spoons and spinners work very well when trolled to catch white bass.

Deep Water Techniques

During late summer, White Bass travel in large schools and head to the surface to feed. While surface feeding frenzies can bring good results for the fisherman, the use of sonar during the hot summer months is very helpful as white bass go deeper seeking out cooler water.

It is amazing how often we get asked about the best deep water techniques used to catch White Bass. Most often, anglers ask questions related to lures, colours, or baits. However, the biggest factor in catching any river-bound fish that takes to deep water is sonar.

While some enjoy the challenge of finding fish on their own, most of us prefer the fight rather than spending the day looking for them. Dual beam sonar offer the best range and accuracy. Select one that offers a high resolution and go grey scale as you will get a lot of detail. Colour version look great, but the level of detail is always superior on a grey scale fish finder. If you are going to fish at night, a GPS device makes life much easier.

Surface Fishing

While White Bass prefer the cooler waters in summer, they still chase after bait fish and will come to the surface to eat. Just because a fish may prefer the cooler waters, does not mean it will not venture to the surface and this is true of any bass in freshwater and saltwater alike. Surface poppers and crankbaits are very effective as are spinner baits reeled quickly over weed beds.

Natural Observations

A good way to find White Bass is through the simple techniques that require nothing more than careful observation. Some spend thousands of dollars on great sonar devices and pay no attention to natural signals.

One observation that is highly effective is watching for birds. Watch out for seagulls found circling or diving are in the presence of bait fish. Where baitfish are present, White Bass won’t be far behind. And when birds like crows are sitting on branches and fences, it can allude to a coming cold front. While fish finders can be great, keep your eyes open to natural events.