Soft plastic lures can be successfully used for everything from salamanders to crayfish.

While these may just seem like worms of a different shape, fishing technique will differ from one type to another. Some can be rigged like plastic worms, while others work in a different way.

Soft Jerk Baits

They’re known by many names including jerk worms, power slugs and dart baiters. Soft jerk baits are a little like jerk baits and a little like jump baits with their darting and dashing being more erratic.


Keitech soft lure

When fishing soft plastics, weights are optional depending on conditions and the type of jig being used.


In windy conditions it’s difficult to sense the vibrations from the lure. In conditions like this we recommend using a Carolina jig.


Plastic baitfish generally don’t seem to have a good reputation with anglers partly due to the perception of not being able to get any action from the fish. However, others swear by them.


As with all lures, know the local variants. Check with local bait shops and find out what works best in that area. Some of the most popular soft baits include worms and crayfish.


The Alou Eel is considered one of the better eels due to the action it creates and because it’s workable for surf casting. Some eels are used on leadhead jigs and others only give off as much action as the angler gives it.


We recommend that you place a hook on both ends of the eel as they like to strike both ends.

Tube Lures

Tube lures are made from hollowed-out, cylindrical soft plastic. Although they come in a wide range of colors, the natural colors like brown, smoke, white and green work best.


They also come in an abundance of sizes and shapes and are designed to catch fish ranging from the small panfish like trout and bass to large musky.


When dealing with panfish, use a tube between 3 and 4 inches in length. Use smaller tubes when the fish aren’t biting.


Rubber tube lures can be used to troll and for casting. However, it’s too light for casting without a keel sinker up front.

largemouth bass food

crayfish is the preferred largemouth bass food

Crayfish and Shrimp

Plastic crayfish and other plastic crustaceans can be fished Texas-rigged if they’re soft. However, they’re best fished with leadhead jigs and weighted hooks.

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