There are several advantages to ice fishing in the winter. As all of their lakes in the Blueback Trout’s distribution freeze over, ice fishing is the only option.

Blueback Trout Ice Fishing

But, the ice also makes it easier to get to them.

Winter lake temperatures are the inverse of the summer. Warmer temperatures are at the bottom, not the surface. In fact, the warmest temperatures are at the bottom of the lake with the rest of the lake being close to the same temperature as that of the bottom with the coldest water being right at the sirface under the ice.

Ice Fishing Tackle

When fishing from an 8-inch fishing hole inside a fish hut, normal fishing gear will not work. Ice fishing rods are much shorter, but no less effective. For Blueback Trout, you want an ultra light rod.

If you do not have one, purchase a rod holding device, especially if you are fishing outside. Holding a rod can get cold after a while and there can be a lot of down time when ice fishing. Never tie the line onto any part of your body. A large fish could cause you to lose balance and fall into the water.

Locating Blueback Trout

Once the ice is across the lake, Blueback Trout will spend most of their time along the bottom of the lake, but will move throughout the water column up to the last 10 feet of water where it is much colder.

When not feeding, the Blueback Trout can be found at the bottom of the lake schooling together, keeping their movements to a minimum.

When feeding, they will move throughout the water column hunting schools of bait fish and aquatic insects.

Blueback Trout Ice Fishing Baits

Smelts and minnows are the best baits to catch Aurora Trout, but as we mentioned before, these baits will also catch many other lake fish species. Catching Aurora Trout takes patience as the odds of landing one are as high as winning a steak dinner at your local restaurant – its not impossible, its just not going to happen all the time.

The best artificial lures include jigs and spoons. Spoons are best when the ice is thick and very little light actually gets through. Jigs are one of the best lures to use when ice fishing. Adding bait or fat to the lure is believed to attract Blueback Trout as well as any other fresh water fish.

However, when it comes to attractants, there is no evidence pointing either way. However, that does not mean that you cannot introduce scents that can turn Blueback away. When drilling your ice fishing hole, be sure to make sure oil and gas does not get in the way.