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Category: Lake Trout

Lake Trout Spring Fishing

Springtime sees the Lake Trout in shallow water near the surface and close to the shoreline and there are good reasons for this.   1.Most importantly, the water is cold. Lake Trout like cold water and will follow it to the...

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Lake Trout Summer Fishing

For much of Canada and the northern United States, Summer arrives in June and is gone by early September in cool years and late September in warm years.   The Lake Trout is a close cousin of the Brown Trout, but as mentioned on...

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Lake Trout Habitat

Trout are found all over the world from North America, to Europe and into Asia. They’ve even been introduced into New Zealand and Australia.   However Lake Trout in comparison are quite rare. Lake Trout are native to the...

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Lake Trout Night Fishing

Night fishing is a bit like watching a suspense movie. You have no idea what’s going to happen next and you have no idea where the Lake Trout are located. Pre-fishing Homework The best thing to do when night fishing is...

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Lake Trout Deep Water Fishing

With the exception of the spring techniques published earlier, all the techniques we have for Lake Trout focus on deep water techniques.   Instead of rehashing them here, we’re presenting tools and equipment and other...

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Lake Trout Distribution

The natural range of the Lake Trout covers most of Canada as well as the Great Lake states, Alaska and some of the western states.   Specifically they can be found from Quebec, the Maritime Provinces and Labrador in the east,...

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Lake Trout Food Preferences

Lake Trout don’t get to be large fish by being picky. But the difference between landing the lunker Lake Trout and just a small one will depend on your understanding of their food preferences and what is popular for a...

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