winter striper fishing

best lures include plugs, jigs, tube and worm and umbrella rigs

You’ll find excellent fishing opportunities in colder waters. Winter striped bass fishing is a simple affair and easy to learn.


At the turn of the fall season, striped bass follow shad into smaller streams and feed vigorously. While surface feeding, stripers are indiscriminate eaters and swallow most plug, spoon, or jig lures.


Most saltwater stripers stay suspended in the 40 to 90 ft/12 to 27 meters thermal on bright days and climb to the 20 foot/6 meters level.


In relatively open areas of the lake where the feeding persists, anglers (wanting a challenge) cast large streamers with a fly rod. After the energetic surface feeding subsides, the odd striper may strike a large white or yellow jig positioned 30ft below the surface.

Striped Bass Fishing Tips

Winter fishing is easier as stripers are more concerned with staying close to their baitfish rather than seeking out cover.

  • The biggest tip we can give you is ‘all about seagulls’. During winter, seagulls are an excellent means to detecting the location of baitfish. Where there are baitfish, stripers are likely close by.