The best way to fish Spotted Peacock Bass in these lagoons is to cast using shallow running floating and diving plugs.

There are not so many lakes in the Amazon watershed as there are lagoons. Many of these lagoons are seasonal while a few are available year round.

Casting from a boat is the preferred method of catching Spotted Peacocks but it will not prevent getting your line snagged. There is a lot of debris in the amazon and various tributaries and lagoons. Trolling or casting with floating Lures works well and will reduce the risk of losing a lure, but is less effective when the Peacocks are deep, which we will cover more in detail in our deep water techniques.

However, arguing over which method is better, trolling or casting, is a waste of time unless one knows the right time of day to catch them. Spotted Peacock Bass along with all other peacocks are active when the sun is out, sleeping in the shallows at night and lethargic when the sun is low or it is cloudy.

Like the Speckled Peacock bass, the Spotted Peacock bass strike hard and fast and put up a strong fight. Heavy duty tackle is a must. Don’t kid yourself – these are big fish and they fight hard. Anything less than a line test of 40 pounds is pointless as the Spotted Peacock bass can easily reach 20 pounds, with the record reaching 28 pounds.

The average Spotted Peacock Bass is between six and ten pounds. You are far from a bait and tackle shop so base your tackle and gear around catching a lunker. Also, have a second rod and reel and extra line and lures. These are big fish and ferocious fighters. It is not uncommon to lose a rod or reel on a trip.

They prefer and strike a variety of flashy diving, shallow running and surface plugs. They also strike at jigs and large streamer flies and fly-rod poppers. When they strike, they strike hard. When they strike on surface plugs, it is aggressive and savage.

The Amazon is filled with thousands of lagoons most of which are seasonal while a few are permanent. Lagoons are created by receding water as the flood water from the rainy season as the water drains out. The lagoons created concentrate the fish into a more manageable areas and offer similar attributes found in lakes.

The best way to fish Spotted Peacock Bass in these lagoons is to cast using shallow running floating and diving plugs. The best colours to use are blue, chartreuse, green and white plugs and when fishing using lipless rattling crank baits, blue and silver work best. Spinner baits produce some strikes but are greatly out fished by plugs. Unless you don’t have any other lures, leave these ones at home when it comes to peacock.