Spring finds Pink Salmon in the ocean. Those that are found in streams are young hatchlings and are not worth going after.

The best time to fish for Pink Salmon in rivers is late summer and early to mid fall throughout much of the northwest of North America.

Angling Techniques

Angling techniques for Pink Salmon are not that much different from other Pacific Salmon and the baits used to catch them are pretty standard. As with all fish, the key to catching them is knowing their location and depth and the top baits for that time or year and location.

Pink Salmon will often chase lures and jigs that are brightly coloured with orange, reds and yellows. They can also be caught with flies, though fly fishing is best suited to late summer and fall fishing of their spawning rivers.

Trolling and Casting Tips

Trolling and casting are best suited for ocean fishing, though fly fishing by the shores and estuaries can be very rewarding.

It is just that having several people fly fish from a boat can be difficult and is not recommended. If you are going to fly fish the ocean, you are best to use chest waders and cast in the river mouths in the quiet sections of the river.

Go with a medium to light tackle. Using heavy tackle will take away the fun, experience and feel. Light gear should be avoided in areas where there are a lot of large fish. For most locations, medium salt water tackle is recommended.

Select a line test weight of between 6 to 10 pounds and the rod should be flexible. Too many novice anglers think going with a heavy duty line will guarantee a catch. However, it will work against you. You will not be able to detect minor strikes or nibbles of the bait by smaller fish.

Rod Length Tips

Rod length actually makes a difference. Both short and long rods are best, but it depends on the environment you are fishing from.

If using a casting technique, go with a six foot rod. However, if you are fishing from a stream using drafting techniques, go with a ten foot rod.

Fly fishing is largely dictated by the river. For most Pacific rivers, a 5 or 6 weighted rod is sufficient. However, for really strong currents and for deep waters you may require a stronger rod.

Any type of lures should work, as long as it is heavy enough to reach the schools and that the colour is right. Some of pink salmon’s favorite colours include pink, red, orange and green.

Some lures that you may want to try out include Gibbs Croc and Koho spoons (1/4 to 3/8 ounce is ideal), Apex, Deadly Dick, Buzz Bomb, spin n glow, wool and pink worm.