Whiterock Bass is able to reproduce if one of the parents is a pure white bass or pure striped bass.

Whiterock Bass early fall techniques are not that different from summer techniques in the south, but in the northern part of the Whiterock Bass’s distribution, the water starts to cool off in late summer. Fall for the north is pretty much similar to winter fishing.

In the south, Whiterock Bass feed near the surface of the water on gizzard shad and often enter into a feeding frenzy if there is a sufficient size of schooling shad. In fact, the Whiterock Bass feed and act very much identical to that of white bass. They come to the surface more as the water temperature moderates with the longer nights and cooler daytime temperatures.

Fishing Lakes and Reservoirs

When fishing lakes and reservoirs, light breezes often come up in the mid to late morning as the sun heats up the surface air. At this time, the shad are blow down to the end of the lake with the whiterock bass actively chasing after them and feeding aggressively at various depths where the column of shad are found.

Use simple lures and baits as Whiterock Bass are not picky fish at this time. They will jump at any bait that is normally in their diet, especially a gizzard shad designed lure or bait. You will often get a strike after placing your bait in the water. However, when things slow down, try a 1/8 ounce white or chartreuse buzz bait with a plastic blade works well off rocky points in the Autumn.


The Whiterock Bass is a hybrid of the Striped Bass and the White Bass (Morone saxatilis & Morone chrysops). The Whiterock Bass is identified by a broken set of lateral stripes.


Most hybrid fish are sterile, meaning they cannot reproduce. However, the Whiterock Bass is able to reproduce if one of the parents is a pure white bass or pure striped bass.

Table Fare

Whiterock Bass has a good taste and makes a perfect meal camp side or for the dinning room. While you will not find it served at any fine restaurants, you cannot go wrong serving Whiterock Bass to your friends.