These are not a Lake Fish. The Spotted Bass is best at home in rivers and streams with moderately fast moving water.


However they’ve been introduced to many lakes and reservoirs and have done quite well in these environments and can be found in these lakes.

  1. Bass Lake, California
  2. Carters Lake, Georgia
  3. Herring Lake, Kentucky
  4. Nolin River Lake, Kentucky
  5. Jordan Lake, Alabama
  6. Lake Martin, Alabama
  7. Lake Shasta, California

Tackle and Technique

BlueFox vibrax spinners work well near downed trees in 3 to 5  feet of water. However one of the best lures that works with every bass is the Carolina rigged worms.


Click on this link to find a rundown on the Carolina rig.


Depending on shore angle and depth, run a split shot about 16 inches up the line with a size 2/0 straight-shanked worm hook to allow some suspension inches off the bottom.


Another successful technique is using a Texas rigged worm consisting of a 3/16 ounce bullet weight, a 1/0 offset shank worm hook and a small chartreuse colored plastic or glass bead between the weight and the hook.


The use of the bead protects the knot from being abused and makes a clicking noise, which attracts Spotted Bass. You shouldn’t need any more than an 8 pound test line for Spotted Bass if you want any challenge at all.

  • It’s possible to cast long distances with ultra-light spinning equipment.
  • Using light lures such as a small floating-diving crankbaits are best in these conditions.
  • If the fish are uninterested, try spinners or even small spoons.
  • If the Spotted Bass are among weeds, reel in the crankbait rather fast over the top of the grass.
  • Avoid brightly lit areas as the Spotted Bass don’t like being in direct sunlight.