Many Florida waterways in well populated areas are busy with boaters and other watercraft during the day scaring the Florida Largemouth bass to the deep and away from the noise. Even areas that don’t have a lot of daytime activity provide a great night time fishing experience.


Tip: One of the best times for catching bass is right before the sun sets as their eyes get used to the change in light.


Then for a short period of time, it appears as though they’ve stopped feeding. However this is only a break.

Avoid colors – use spoons and spinners

Lures that have spinners and spoons are also effective. What little light is around reflects off the spoon, grabbing the attention of the fish. Fish can’t detect colors at night. This is why the focus should be on spoons rather than bright colored lures. Even the brightest red appears grey to them.


The black popper is an effective night lure. The tail spinner is an excellent lure in attracting Florida Largemouth that are spending time at the bottom and are slow moving. This also makes them an effective lure for fall and winter months.



Try the Little George lures from Mann’s Bait Company. They appeal to the bass’s sense of territory protection. These have been around a long time and work well.


These are the lures we suggest having in your tackle box to get out amongst the Florida largemouth at night.

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Bass have bad eyesight

Bass have a fixed iris. Even though they spend most of their time in the shade they still need some time to adjust to the dark of the night. The time for adjusting varies, but does take longer on a sunny day than if the day is overcast. Even at the best of times bass don’t have good eyesight.


In areas where the Florida Largemouth bass are hiding during the day due to busy human activity you can expect them to come out, and expect a lot of action at night.

  • Avoid using bright lights as bass are light sensitive and this will scare them away. While they can’t see above the water well, bright lights definitely catch their attention.
  • Focus on the shallows after the water calms. Florida Largemouth love to feed among brush piles, sandy beach areas, boating docks, swimming floats and along rocky ridges.
  • They will also move out of their normal spots in search of food, but they only do this at night.
  • Surface lures on a spinning tackle are very effective at night because the bass can no longer rely on sight and they concentrate more on sound. Those lures that make noises and surface disturbances are highly effective at night

Night fishing should be about simplicity

Simplify your gear!

  1. You should only have a few lures and have them secured in a small tackle box
  2. Have a few spare batteries, weights and bobbers
  3. Keep the weights in your pocket to prevent them from banging around, scaring off the fish