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Coho Salmon An Introduction

The Coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch, is a species of sea going salmon, otherwise known as anadromous. Coho salmon are referred to by many other names including the silver salmon, silversides, hookbill, hooknose, sea trout,...

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Coho Salmon River Fishing

Once Coho Salmon leave the ocean and move up into the rivers and streams, they stop feeding. This is because most Coho Salmon that are in the rivers are there for one purpose only, to spawn. Some spawning Coho Salmon continue to...

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Coho Salmon Features and Size

Coho Salmon typically spend the first year of their life in fresh water, though some have been found as old as 18 months of age in freshwater. Much of their time towards the end of their stint in freshwater is spent in the...

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Coho Salmon Spring Fishing

Young Coho Salmon hatch from their eggs in the spring. They spend the first six to eight weeks in the redd until the yolk sac is consumed at which point they seek out shelter and must seek out their own food. Young Coho Spring...

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Coho Salmon Summer Fishing

Summer can see the Coho Salmon in many different habitats. Young and maturing Coho Salmon are found in the ocean and can be found in shallow bays or out roaming the ocean. They can also be found in the river estuaries and...

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Coho Salmon Winter Fishing

They can be found in small rivers and streams in the winter towards the bottom end. Washington Coastal Coho Fishing Winter Coho salmon are easy to catch during this time if you know where to find them and understand their...

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Coho Salmon Deep Water Fishing

There are a few lessons that will have you as an expert in knowing when Coho Salmon go deep. Knowing When They go Deep There are a few lessons that will have you as an expert in knowing when Coho Salmon go deep. The first lesson...

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Coho Salmon Distribution

Coho Salmon are found around the northern latitudes of the coastal Pacific ocean and the rivers that drain into it. Pacific Distribution This includes from northern Japan to the Anadyr River in Russia over to Alaska in the...

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Coho Salmon Feeding Habits

Young juvenile Coho Salmon in freshwater feed on plankton and insects. Juvenile Coho Salmon Food Preferences They do not start feeding on insects right away, aquatic or otherwise. When they are first born, they feed solely on...

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Coho Salmon Habitat

Wood debris in the river and from undercut riverbanks effects Juvenile Coho Salmon fishing, movement and position in the stream. Effects of Wood debris on Juveniles Coho Salmon Juvenile Coho Salmon respond very well to food...

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Coho Salmon Lake Fishing

Coho Salmon are not native to lakes. While they are born in fresh water, they leave for the ocean and do not return until they are ready to spawn, and when they are done spawning, they die. Living in freshwater So how do we find...

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Coho Salmon Reproduction

At three to four years of age, Coho Salmon reach sexual maturity. Starting with mid to late summer and from September to October, coho swim up to 400 miles up fresh water streams where they were born. Most Coho Salmon spawn in...

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Top Tips

Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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