Spotted Bass gather in the spring to spawn when the water temperature reaches a sustained temperature of 60°F/15.5°C. Tactics used to catch the smallmouth bass work well with the Spotted Bass


However the Spotted Bass has a preference for crayfish, so any lure that resembles the crayfish is a good starting point. Jigs and other soft bodies can also be used successfully. Minnows, worms and leeches are also highly popular baits with high success rates.


Spotted Bass typically feed on the bottom or suspend near brush or bluff walls but they may also form schools to pursue shad on the surface. They’re aggressive slashers and commonly hit baits as big as a Heddon Zara Spook.

Where to find the Spotted Bass

Look for them in mountain streams and reservoirs with rocky bottoms.


To attract Spotted Bass to the surface, position the boat over deep water and cast across underwater humps or stands of submerged timber. Work baits like Spooks, Pop-Rs, or propeller baits fast to trigger bites. When spots hold along steep rocky breaks, work baits parallel to the bank or break, with each cast progressively deeper.

Why use a Baitcaster?

For beginning, many anglers recommend a a spincasting rod and reel. However the big mistake here is not looking far enough down the road. For beginners that just want to fish up at the cottage once or twice a summer, then yes, a spincasting reel is perfect.


For someone that wants fish on a regular basis, go with a bait casting reel.

Baitcasters offer better drag, so long as you don’t go with the $30 department store special.


For about $100.00 a good rod and reel combination will last many years.