European Bass prefer warm and temperate marine environments with strong surf of inshore waters

The European Bass is found in freshwater and salt water where water temperatures range from 41°F to 84°F/5°C to 28°C. While they can venture into freshwater frequently, their preference is for brackish water. Breeding takes place in multiple habitats. The mediterranean population breeds from December to March while the Atlantic population breeds in June.

European Bass prefer warm and temperate marine environments with strong surf of inshore waters in the inter tidal zone often lingering in water no deeper than 12 inches and they prefer turbulent well-oxygenated water. When the surf cools, they move offshore preferring water temperatures of 55°F/13°C degrees to 65°F/18°C degrees.

While they can be found on the bottom at depths of 330 feet/100 metres, your best bet is to look for them in shallow waters. They are found in various kinds of bottoms on estuaries, lagoons and occasionally rivers.


During the 1960s and 1970s, France and Italy worked together and developed commercial farming of European Sea Bass. Commercial farming was seen as a huge benefit to the industry as reduce fish stocks have hurt the industry for many years with some stock still well below what is required for any commercial purposes.

The European Bass enter coastal waters and river mouths in summer, but migrate offshore in colder weather and occur in deep water during winter in the northern range.

The European Bass young fry form schools, but the adults appear to be less gregarious feeding mostly on shrimps, molluscs and other fishes.

Ocean Surf

When we write about the European Bass being an estuary fish or a fish that loves brackish waters, we are often referring to the surf. European Bass love to spend their time around rock outcrops in the surf. In northern habitats, the European Bass can be found migrating inshore more than their southern counterparts.

If you are travelling to a new fishing spot, we recommend that you check with local bait shops and lodges for the best fishing spots. By late autumn, the European bass can be found deep inshore in British waters.