A dual beam sonar device with GPS is highly recommended for night fishing.

Night Fishing

Night fishing for whiterock bass is a lot of fun, not to mention quiet and relaxing at the same time. the day is filled with noise, there is usually a lot of traffic and even in remote areas, the air is filled with noise from far and wide. Night fishing for Whiterock Bass on a starry night is a great experience and highly recommended, especially in the south during the summer providing some relief from the high daytime heat.

Best places to Night Fish

Lakes and reservoirs where there is a lot of human waterborne activity offers better night time angling as Whiterock Bass do not eat with a lot of human activity during the day. During these times, Whiterock Bass stay in shady areas and don’t hunt until the noise from human activity dies down. Night fishing also takes off when the day time temperatures and humidity is high.

Best Nights

The best nights are those where there is little or no light such as a night with a new moon and one that is overcast. Use low lights in order to attract the Whiterock Bass. Minnows and jigs are an excellent bait for catching whiterocks at night, though there is a good chance you may also catch crappies at the same time. However, try using lures with spoons and spinners.

At night, whiterock bass cannot see very well. Adding a spoon will do a better job at getting their attention. A crankbait though, goes a step further as it imitates the vibrations of a wounded fish, attracting the Whiterock Bass from much further away.

Try angling near bridges, piers, docks, creeks and river channels. Drop off areas are also good spots for white bass. A good rig to use is to tie a lighted slip-bobber rig by first attaching a bobber stop. Now thread on a small bead so the knot cannot slip through the hole in the bobber. A number four hook is sufficient but make sure you use enough sinkers to balance the bobber.


A dual beam sonar device with GPS is highly recommended for night fishing. Not only will it help you find the whiterock bass, but it will pinpoint your position in much the same way that your car’s navigation system displays roads. Gray scale sonar devices are best for bass fishing. They offer greater detail than colour units.

As the night is much more quiet than the day, an electric motor should be standard equipment. A standard boat motor will scare away the fish long before you find them.