ice fishing for brook troutWinter ice fishing is much more affordable than fishing in the rest of the year.

There’s no need for a boat and complex fishing tackle. It just won’t work through an 8-inch fishing hole. All the best spots can be reach by foot, or later in the year, by car.

Ice Fishing Bait

Minnows, jigs and spoons all work perfectly well in winter when fishing through an ice fishing hole.

*Be sure to have a variety of lures as Brook Trout won’t always go for the same lure. Your favorite jig might be hot one day, but fails to be hot the next day.

Finding the fish

If the current hole isn’t immediately working, try adding live bait to the line.

If that still doesn’t work and you’ve tried a few different lures consider moving to a different location that is either deeper or more shallow.

Just like the rest of the year, Brook Trout follow the bait fish. If they’re not present, the Brook Trout may also be elsewhere.

Brook Trout Ice Fishing Season

Check with local bait shops and authorities on when fishing season starts for Brook Trout. Many states and provinces have restrictions. In lots of places, fishing doesn’t open until January.

This is because the Brook Trout begin their spawning in fall, starting as early as September up in Hudsons Bay and James Bay river systems.

Warm Weather Clothing and Safety

Breathable clothing is essential regardless of whether you have an ice hut or not as is a compass. Winter ice fishing without the right clothing and gear has resulted in the dithers of many angler every year in every state and province that has ice fishing.

Checking the local authorities for ice conditions is also critical.

And if you’re going to travel to different parts of the lake, check for ice conditions around the lake as ice depth can vary greatly from place to place on the lake. Some parts of the lake stay open all winter long.