with Ted Takasaki

An excellent way to control your boat when it’s windy and you are going to troll, is to use your gas kicker in conjunction with a MinnKota Terrova bow-mounted trolling motor.


With the I-pilot Link you can control the boat remotely or use the Link feature to stay on the LakeMaster contour lines. Your boat will be much more responsive when you’re controlling it from the front and the rear.


Use TUF Line Micro Lead or XP on 12-foot and 5-foot St Croix Eyecon trolling rods. Use line-counter reels to precisely control lure depth. The more line out, the deeper they will go.


Get out the lake map and identify stretches of shoreline or islands on the windy side of the lake with as many different features as possible, such as points and turns.

  • Areas with slow sloping shoreline and subtle changes in bottom composition are best.

Depending on state law, mount as many rods as you are allowed on the shallow side of the boat. Use good rod holders, like Tempress’ Fish On, and try to get your lures as close as possible to the shoreline. Use at least one line to target the “mud line” where water clarity changes from murky to clear.

  • Follow the contour of the shoreline while watching your depth finder to stay a safe distance from the rocks. Don’t stay in deep water all the time.

Shallow water rocks!

ted takasaki

Hall of Fame Legendary Angler, Ted Takasaki, is a top competitor on the FLW Walleye Tour.

About Ted Takasaki

Ted dominated many PWT events including the prestigious PWT Classic Championship in 1998 and the 1995 PWT Top Gun Angler Award. In 2002, Ted smashed the all time, one day PWT tournament record with 5 walleyes at 53.2 pounds! Ted was also a part of the team that won the coveted 1993 Mercury National Tournament held on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin. Ted is found in many national outdoor magazines, led hundreds of walleye seminars across the Midwest and hosted numerous TV shows. We welcome Ted’s experience.


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