Lures work best when they appear as small baitfish that have silver, chrome, clear or translucent finishes.

Yellow-bass river fishing techniques to a large degree resembles that of the spring fishing techniques. Yellow bass are found in streams and rivers where they spawn when water temperatures reach the mid 50s&deg, though spawning can occur between the temperatures of 50°F to 78°F/10°C to 26°C.

Other than spawning times, yellow bass tend to hang out at the side of the river. They also can be found at the mouth of rivers and streams. Outside of spring, they prefer the deep waters that lakes have to offer, generally avoid the bright sun and laying in wait to ambush their prey.

They are sign feeders, and as such, lures work best when they appear as small baitfish that have silver, chrome, clear or translucent finishes. Though if one prefers the old way of catching bass, traditional baits work just as well as the replicating lures.

The Gizzard shad spinner is an excellent all rounf spinner for overcast conditions and night fishing

Food Preferences

During the spring, they can be caught with a variety of lures including spinners, spinner baits and spoons. Minnows and worms are also a fan favourite with yellow bass regardless of whether used with a float or near the bottom of the lake. Light and ultralight tackle in the two to six pound test range is recommended.

The best fishing techniques to focus on the use of lures and baits that resemble small insects, fathead minnows, golden shinners, small shad, small Sunfish, insects and insect larvae. However, minnows are the best bait to use on yellow bass, though they are very effective at catching other fish as well. A good rig to use is to tie a lighted slip-bobber rig by first attaching a bobber stop. Now thread on a small bead so the knot cannot slip through the hole in the bobber. A number four hook is sufficient but make sure you use enough sinkers to balance the bobber.


Consider adding a dual beam sonar device, satellite phone and electric motor to your fishing trips. Satellite phones have come down significantly in years. They can now be rented for about $35 per week and are excellent for emergency purposes when fishing in remote areas. Electric motors should be a must with any form of boat based fishing. Standard boat motors create a lot of noise and can scare awway the fish or at the very least, they can stop the fish from feeding. Electric motors are silent running and hihgly recommended.