best bass lures

There are no perfect fishermen, only well-educated ones.


Educating yourself on where to find specific species of fish and what type of bait or which lures to use can change the way that you fish. Instead of pulling in just a few, you’ll be bringing in fish left and right with the right knowledge. Fishing for bass is no exception.


Here’s a summary of a few of the best types of lures to use when out to fish for bass, and the conditions where you’ll find them most useful.

Crankbait Topwater Lures
Spinnerbait Plastic and Jigs

crankbait[sta_anchor id=”crankbait” unsan=”Crankbait”]Crankbait[/sta_anchor]

Crankbait is best used in shallow water during the fall season. The lure gets its name from the action it requires while using it for fishing, ‘cranking it in’. Crankbait has two plastic lips that it uses to dive under water while it’s being ‘cranked in’.


Bass fishermen that participate in the ‘Bassmaster Classic’ find this lure one of the best to bring in the bass.

Mepps spinnerbait[sta_anchor id=”spinnerbait” /]Spinnerbait

Great for any time and any condition, no matter which season or time of day. The depth of this bait is also one for any occasion as it can go as deep as you would like or stay near the surface.


There are 3 types of spinnerbait commonly used to catch bass, the ‘short arm’,’long arm’, and ‘twin spins’. Each has its own unique benefits. The long arm is great for fishing near brush or grass, while the twin spins are great drop-baits.


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topwater lure[sta_anchor id=”topwater-lures” unsan=”topwater lures” /]Topwater Lures

These baits are used to fish near the top of the water. Topwater lures are available in different colors and sizes. Depending on what time of year it is, bright colors work better than dull ones. During the winter, the duller the color – the better.


They normally have a single hook on the tail end and have a bright shine to them.

best beginners bait[sta_anchor id=”plastic-and-jigs” unsan=”plastic and jigs” /]Plastic and Jigs

Jigs are normally used to fish near the bottom, but that’s not the reason bass is attracted to the lure.


The attraction comes when the plastic or jig is falling to the bottom. Midway, they’ll snatch it up. Jigs are used as a jerking bait to help give the presentation of a small fish trying to get away from the larger predators.


Shallow baits may not catch the biggest bass in the pond, but will bring in a nice catch. Knowing how a bait works and when is the best time to use it can net you a nice days catch.


If you’re night fishing, bass are known to take to plastic worms.


They’re also a great choice of bait for beginners.


Before choosing the best type of bait for your fishing spot, examine your spot so you’re aware of any vegetation that needs to be taken into account.


Click here for our indepth article on fishing with plastic worms.  And you’ll find more on Jigs here.


The best bait for bass fishing depends solely on where you’re casting out.


If you don’t know anything about fishing or bass, chances are you’re not going to become an overnight bass fishing sensation.


The best fishing lure for bass will vary depending on where you’re fishing, whether the water is shallow or deep, and what time of day or night you are fishing.

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