The Shimano Stella reels are probably the most powerful, toughest, durable and smoothest fishing reels ever invented by this well-known reel manufacturer.

This is a review of the Stella SW series

saltwater fishing reelProduct Description

Shimano’s Stella SW spinning reels promise to deliver one thing: absolute power.


Using the latest and most innovative technologies by Shimano, this series has been designed to enable us to experience the thrill of fishing at a whole new level.


Stella SW reels feature a stunning Hagane body that’s made of highly rigid metals. The impact resistance and stiffness eliminates distortion and flex of the reels. This process enables smooth operation with little power loss.


The popular X-ship system incorporated in these products provides increased gearing power and efficiency.

In real terms, this means 3 things

  1. smooth reeling even under heavy loads
  2. elimination of friction between the gear and spool shaft, delivering a better casting performance with lighter lures
  3. enabling longer casts

Additionally these reels feature an X-tough drag that comes with enhanced toughness, control and smoothness to anticipate the vigorous speed of giant tuna and blue-fin tuna.


The Stella SW reels have X-protect and X-shield gaskets and rubber seals, which combine to deliver extreme water resistance even in the toughest of conditions. They also come with a super stopper II anti-reverse that makes use of a one-way roller bearing. This prevents back-play, giving anglers instant hook setting power.


The reel’s CF aluminum cold forge spools gives added strength and durability. What’s more, they also feature X-Rigid rotors, power aluminum bodies, X-rigid handles, and X-rigid bails, which combine to eliminate loss of power that’s caused by reel flex. Still delivering ultimate rigidity.


According to the manufacturer, the only reason why there are no other better spinning reels than their Stella SW line, is because they are yet to invent them. This series carries a total of 12 Stella SW reel models.


These reels are very smooth and strong enough to handle big fish. They are quality all the way.


With an overall 4 1/2  from 5 star rating from users of the Stella reels they come highly recommended.


  • top notch in terms of performance
  • well balanced and handles big game nicely
  • smooth, strong and great for vertical jigging
  • using this reel marlin, yellowtail, wahoo, and blue-fin tuna have been landed with no problems
  • a piece of fine craftsmanship
  • excellent for surf fishing


  • a bit pricey but worth every penny


Shimano’s Stella spinning reels are high quality products that will perform extremely well. Outstanding!


Because these are pro-grade the price point isn’t for everyone. But if you’re chasing the big fish, these are well worth the investment.

  • For fans of big game fishing, this is probably your best option as far as fishing reels are concerned

Depending of the weight that’s comfortable for you to handle, Shimano has options that will suit you.


Product details:

  • approved for saltwater fishing
  • power aluminum body – for increased rigidity
  • X-ship gearing system makes for smooth and strong reeling
  • 14+1 bearings
  • X-touch drag – to handle big, fast fish
  • X-shield and X-protect which provides extreme water resistance
  • X-rigid bail
  • X-rigid rotor
  • X-rigid handle
  • X-rigid gear
  • cold forged aluminum spool
  • Aero wrap II oscillation
  • propulsion spool lip
  • shielded A-RB bearings
  • super stopper II
  • dyna-balance
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