Florida Largemouth are slower and continue their progression towards deeper water in the winter months. As is the case in autumn, Florida largemouth become slower and strike more out of a reaction, either to defend their territory or to defend themselves.


When the water reaches 50°F/10°C, the Florida Largemouth school together and barely move. They don’t actively feed they way they do in warmer weather.


They migrate from the shallows where there are submerged trees and rock piles to deep areas of the lake, regardless of the nature of the lake or river bottom. However they still prefer the cover of of debris like sunken logs or rocks, but this time of year it’s temperature that drives them.

Winter fishing in Florida

The best way to locate the bass during winter is with the use of a boat and a fish finder.


It’s unlikely that you’ll find any bass located near the shoreline during winter. The only exception to this is if spawning begins early.


Note: We suggest moving out to the deeper parts of the lake and trolling in a lawn-mowing pattern.


The best crankbaits imitate baitfish or crawfish, which just happen to be the top bass foods. Right-size your crankbait for the bass you’re going after.


  1. Remember that you’re trying to anger the bass, not feed them
  2. Noisy lures are effective so long as they’re not too loud
  3. Use too big a lure and you’ll go home empty-handed

Custom fishing lures : The ‘Pig and Jig’

This is the most successful bait for the Florida bass as it resembles the crayfish, its preferred food.

Crayfish live on the bottom and as a result, the jig and pig should be worked on the bottom.


We found this video for customising your fishing lures. It will be helpful if you’re new to bass fishing.


For the gear you’ll need ….

buy pig and jig lure

Florida Largemouth bass also enjoy feeding on dying shad.

  • Expect a hit on the downward motion of the lure
  • Anglers can also use spinnerbaits, jigged vertically, or cast the lure and retrieve it with a slight vertical pulling action

Remember, where one bass is caught, there’s a high likelihood that other bass are schooled at the same depth.

Ice fishing for Florida Largemouth

While ice fishing can be a lot of fun, most of the areas covered by the Florida Largemouth are free from ice all year around. However for those few areas that are stocked with Florida Largemouths, here are a few tips to get you on your way.

  • The warmest water is always at the deepest part of the lake
  • The only lures you should be using this time of year are spoons, minnows and tear-drop shaped lures with insect larvae