Plants are quick to sprout up in smaller lakes as they warm up quicker than larger bodies of water. Once the plants are large enough, they attract bass and the prey that they feed upon.

Fish HookMost lakes and rivers are known for a specific fish variety. However despite this, you may come across other species. Have a variety of lures for the body of water you fish.
Fish HookWhen fishing a river, stream, brook or other moving body of water, keep your lure 1 foot below the surface. This tip works for bass and most other fish that keep to the bottom.
Fish HookFish are easily spooked by noise caused by vibrations. When walking on a boat or dock, step lightly. Sound travels quickly through the water. Avoid bright clothing as some bass species can see above the water and are scared off.
Fish HookWhile a lot of money can be spent on lures for catching bass, some of the most effective are based on the simple worm. Both plastic worms and live worm baits are highly effective for catching bass.
Fish HookMatch the lure size to the fish you are trying to catch. Fish are much like people in that they tend to go after the largest bait they can handle. However, go too big and you will end up empty handed.
Fish HookBass will stay in areas that offer them lots of prey, but will quickly leave once the prey is gone from the area. While fishing may be good for some time, be prepared to move when the bass have stopped biting as they have moved on.
Fish HookMatch your line size to match the late summer and fall fishing. Generally this is the time when you have the greatest chance of landing the larger bass. But use baits that work for the area you’re fishing and don’t create a lot of noise.
Fish HookSet your reel’s drag to a 1/3 of the line’s breaking strength. When fishing for the larger bass, increase drag to reduce the impact stress, especially when fishing for peacock bass.
Fish HookA loose line does not carry nibbles and small bites to the rod very well. Take up slack to increase your chances especially when chasing after smaller bass.
Fish HookWhen landing a bass it’s good to tire it out, but too much stress will cause it to die if you are planning a catch and then release. Don’t over-stress the fish if you are planning to release it.
Fish HookDon’t try to net the bass unless it is tired out enough or it will attempt to dive under the net and you will risk losing it.
Fish HookThe best way to remove the hook is by holding the fish upside down. A dehooker is another great tool.
Fish HookFishing off rocky bottoms is much like fishing in streams. Attach a drifting sinker with lures or baits between 6 inches and 12 inches above. Some anglers add about 4 lines from the bottom, every 6 inches apart.
Fish HookSmall lakes warm quicker than the larger ones, which will create better action in the spring for bass fishing. However the flip side is true in the fall. Also the fall requires different techniques. You’ll find specific info for the bass you’re fishing for on this site.