Night fishing is a bit like watching a suspense movie. You have no idea what’s going to happen next and you have no idea where the Lake Trout are located.

Pre-fishing Homework

The best thing to do when night fishing is actually not done at night. To be very good at night fishing you need to

  • Understand the lake
  • Know where the bait fish are
  • And where the bait fish are likely to go at night

Some of this information can be gained from the local tackle shop.

3 Tips For Best Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout Rip Fishing

Many anglers fish for Lake Trout at the mouth of rivers in the middle of the current for good reason. It will land you Lake Trout and do so on a frequent basis.


This is a good technique for catching Lake Trout, but it’s not the best, especially at night.


When doing your homework during the day, map out the path of the current.


The current will rarely just go straight out into the lake, or ocean for that matter. Often the current will twist and turn a bit before going alongside the shore for a bit before dissipating.


1.Cast your line into the point at which the current starts to dissipate along the lake shore.

Fishing past the Eddy

2. At some point after the current dumps into the lake there will be an eddy to the left or right. Measure the point from the shore to the eddy. From the eddy to the distance in the opposite direction is another good spot to catch Lake Trout.


The usual suspects will work fine as bait but it’s in these situations where fly fishing will really be a treat. Fishing from a boat works just as well if there’s not an easy place to wade in.

Fishing outside of the Eddy

3. Another great place to fish for Lake Trout is just outside of the current as it bends toward the shore line. It’s at this point that many bait fish will come out of the current and go into the lake. Lake Trout are often in this area waiting for them.

Boat Traffic

Keep in mind that some of these rivers are heavy with boat traffic and may not be the best places to catch Lake Trout.


Focus on rivers that have little human traffic. However some rivers with human traffic will still prove very successful at night, especially if the rivers are quite.


Fish tend to stay away from busy rivers during the day. However they still have the potential to be very popular fishing spots as the bait fish and their predators have hidden during the day and are out in force at night.

Safety Tips

Fishing at night can be dangerous. It’s dark falling into the water or hitting your head is a very real possibility if you don’t take a few simple tips into mind.


Along with doing your homework in the day, pay attention to loose land and obstructions that you could trip over. Bring along soft night lights and extra sets of batteries. Fish can be scared away if the light is too bright and there are too many sounds, so having a good, soft light is important.