They can be found in small rivers and streams in the winter towards the bottom end.

Washington Coastal Coho Fishing

Winter Coho salmon are easy to catch during this time if you know where to find them and understand their habitat.

While they can be big fish, they can easily be caught with light tackle, especially if you ware catching them in rivers and streams.

Moderate flowing Rivers

Coho Salmon can be found in the winter in northern coastal rivers along the Pacific coast of North America and Asia.

They are found near the mouths of these coastal rivers from Washington all the way up to alaska. The use of chest waders are essential and life jackets should be warn and never go out into the water alone.

Winter Great Lakes Coho Fishing Tips

During the winter months, Coho Salmon fishing differs front that of the fall and summer. Coho Salmon can be found at the southern tip of Lake Michigan.

Here they gather to chase down schools of bait fish and can be found here until spring arrives and all ice is free from the lake before they move out further into the lake.

Tips for Fishing with Spoons

Spoons are best in the winter as the Coho Salmon are found deep and it is very dark down to 200 feet. The spoons pick up whatever light is available and reflect it, attaching the attention of the Coho Salmon.

Go with silver or green spoons. But remember that it is important to locate the schools to have much luck.