Florida Largemouth fishing is a huge industry in the state of Florida.


The Florida Largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides floridanus) occurs naturally in all Florida, although some are considered integrades. Integrades means mixed breeds of the Florida bass and the largemouth bass from the north. These mixed breeds are found from Florida to Maryland.

Characteristics of the Florida Largemouth

1. fast growth

  • Due mainly to the warmer climate this species grows to maturity much quicker than the northern largemouth. As a result they’ve been stocked in many places such as California.

2. large size

  • As Florida is a sub-tropical to temperate climate the growing season for bass is longer and this climate also provides comfortable year-round fishing. Winter fishing here is popular whereas it’s rather difficult in the north.

3. sport

  • Provides a great challenge to anglers (more than its northern cousin does)

4. a member of the sunfish family

  • The Florida Largemouth bass belongs to the sunfish family, a close relative to the Black bass.

Vast Waterways

Florida also offers a large habitat for the Florida Largemouth with over 10,500 miles (16,898 km) of rivers, streams and canals. It’s awesome to think that there are actually 7,710 named lakes in Florida.


The largest Florida Largemouth caught in Florida was a stunning 17.27 pounds (7.8 kg). However it’s also rumored that a 20.125/9.13 kg bass was also caught. I guess we wouldn’t be a proper site without some exaggerated fish story.


Florida largemouth fishing has a significant impact on the tourism dollars spent in the state. This is due largely to the fact that Florida’s tourism is outdoors focused. Essentially several fishing and hunting programs have been implemented to increase this industry further including the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF). This organisation is in the process of implementing a 5 year $50 million outreach effort to “increase participation in recreational angling and boating.

  • Florida also offers free freshwater fishing days in the first full weekend in April each year.

Bass tournaments have become very popular in the state as well with ESPN covering several events live. The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society moved their headquarters to Florida and aggressively promote their events and WalMart is now sponsoring the FLW tour.


The Florida largemouth bass is so popular that it’s been introduced to many other locales. In Texas it’s become even more popular than it is in Florida.


Florida has 2 subspecies of the Florida Largemouth Bass: the Micropterus salmoides and the Micropterus salmoides floridanus.

Fishing in Florida also gives you the chance to fish for the popular Peacock bass.