Expert reveals secret tips to catching crappie from the shore.

With shoreline fishing an experienced angler knows that being in the right place matters. Crappie are very predictable fish with their spawning in the spring and deeper water travels in the winter. Instead of fishing around the entire pond or lake, eliminate the spots where crappie are unlikely to be in such as shallow water during the winter or deep water during spawn times. This will increase the odds of catching crappie.

Spring Crappie Fishing

Spring time is the best time for fishing for crappie close to the shorelines. They spawn close to the shorelines during the early spring time and by the beginning of summer they start to move out further and deeper into the waters to stay cool. During spring, crappie can be found in shallow water that reaches anywhere from one to eight feet deep. The water temperature must be at least 55 degrees or above for them to start their spawn.

When the crappie are spawning they tend to find hidden cover such as timbers that are underwater, piles of brush, docks, bridges, and ripraps. It is recommended to fish up crappie with a minnow and bobber due to the crappies tendencies to stay tightly to the structures. When using a jig be sure that you choose one that has a slow fall rate, ideally 1/32 or 1/64 ounce jigs. They will also stay remotely close to the intended strike zone.

Shoreline Crappie Fishing During Summer and Winter Months

If you’re up for a challenge, attempt shoreline fishing during the summer and winter months for Crappie. Although it’s rare that they are near the shore, it can still provide positive results for long casts. When the weather turns hot or very cold, crappie tend to make their way into deeper water or channels, making it harder for shoreline fishermen to reach them without the proper equipment. The best time to fish for crappie during the summer and winter months is very early in the morning or late in the evening. This coincides with their feeding times during these months.

Crappie Fishing Tips for Bridges and Other Structures

Crappie love to be hidden during the warmer months and in the colder months they still choose areas close to the shoreline that are hidden in the brush or piles of leaves and tree limbs. When fishing from the shoreline by a bridge it is more likely to catch crappie in the shaded areas during the day and at night you can fish from the pillars to the shore and catch crappie that are coming out to feed. Bridges that cross over the main rivers tend to be more of a magnet for crappies than open areas. By fishing down current you can pull in crappie that are feeding on the minnows that are being washed their way.

Purchasing the Right Equipment for Shoreline Crappie Fishing

Shoreline anglers have patience and the ability to fish without the need of a boat or any type of floating device. Although fishing doesn’t require much other than a fishing pole, lure, or the proper bait, sometimes purchasing other items to help you find and catch the fish you desire is ideal. One of the best recommended devices for a shoreline angler who wishes to catch crappie is a wireless fish finder. These devices will allow you to find fish and the structures under the water. It will also show you the depths of the water in the areas you are searching.