Lake Amistad is one of the deepest lakes in Texas and a great place for bass fishing.

The Guadalupe Bass spends much of it’s time in rivers and streams as well as lakes and reservoirs. However, most of the lakes, or reservoirs, in the guadalupe basin are shallow man made lakes through the creation of dams. There are many of them that are in the 200 foot level or at least deep enough for deep water fishing techniques to work.

Below are a list of lakes to try your hand at fishing for Guadalupe Bass. While we have only listed a few lakes, there are many more deep lakes. However, the bulk of Texas lakes are shallow.

Lake Travis

Guadalupe bass fishing is excellent in Lake Travis. Lake Travis is located on the Colorado river just northwest of Austin, Texas and the deepest part of this lake is 190 feet/58 metres.

Lake Amistad

Lake Amistad is one of the deepest lakes in Texas and a great place for bass fishing. It reaches a maximum depth of 217 feet/66 metres. This lake also a large amount of smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Belton Lake

Belton Lake is another mad-man reservoir containing largemouth, smallmouth and guadalupe bass. It straddles Bell and Coryell counties and is five miles (8km) northwest of Belton. The Maximum depth of the lake is 124 feet/38 metres.

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is in Texas Hill Country and is another one of our man made lakes. It is 128 feet/38 metres deep and is a great spot for catfish and Guadalupe Bass.

Fishing the Deep

The Guadalupe Bass can be found in the deep water during the winter months or in the high heat of summer. As the rivers and streams heat up, the Guadalupe Bass migrate into the deep lake water where the temperature is between 50°F to 68°F/10°C to 20°C the same level at which many of the baitfish live.

Guadalupe Bass are still very active deep in the lake. However, they do slow down and become lethargic once the water temperature approaches 45°F/7°C degrees. At this temperature, they don’t eat a much. However, this usually only happens in the winter months.


Trolling is an excellent method to fishing in deep water. We recommend using a fish finder to locate the fish. When using fresh baits, try golden shiners, gizzard shad, small crayfish and worms.

Effective tackle are based on these baits. Try using plastic grubs, streamers and small crank baits. Brand names that have proven themselves include Madam Xs, Convertibles, Clouser Minnows, Woolly Buggers, Pencil Poppers and Prism Divers.