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Image:Adams River  Sockeye are aggressive and territorial 

Spring is an exciting time for most anglers. After sitting around the entire winter reading up on tips and techniques, having bought the latest gear and lures to try out, there’s a hunger to try out last year’s great fishing spots for Sockeye. And check out new ones like these in British Columbia.  If you’ve not been up that way they’re well worth checking out.

Salmon Fishing in BC

A good place in the spring is off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. In Port Hardy and Port McNeil near Sooke and in the Alberni Canal.


Sockeye Salmon, like other fish, will chase after food even if it does drift into warmer water. The average depth at which they can be found is between 90 to 120 feet deep which is much deeper than other salmon species. Locating them at depth is best done with the use of a good quality dual beam sonar.


Fish with medium tackle. But the key to being successful is the lure that you’re using. A red or pink Hootchy works best being about 2 inches long.

Trolling for Kokanee

  • Troll at slow speeds. In fact so slow that your boat should almost be stalling. A downrigger will help keep your lure at the right depth.

Don’t worry about the exact depth so long as you’re running where the temperature is around 55°F degrees.

Catch Limits and Regulations

Much of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California and British Columbia have catch limits and other regulations governing the fishing seasons for catching Sockeye Salmon.


Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to seizure of your gear so please check state fishing and wildlife web sites annually for changes and avoid fines and seizures.


Resource: Check out this link the Canadian Government site ‘Fisheries and Oceans Canada’ for more information on catch limits and regulations