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Aurora Trout Features and Size

The Aurora Trout, (Salvelinus fontinalis timagamienis), is a sub species of the Brook Trout, but it is different in appearance from all other trout. The Aurora Trout looks most like the Brook Trout, yet it does not have any...

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Aurora Trout Spring Fishing

It is not difficult to understand the habitat or the environment that the Aurora Trout can be found as they are only found in one place in the world. They are found in a group of 12 or so lakes in the Sudbury, Kirkland Lake area...

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Aurora Trout Summer Fishing

Summer fishing techniques vary depending on how long and hot the summer is. In cool summers, Aurora Trout can be found in shallow water, but if the summer is hot, they will go deep and stay there until the water cools to below...

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Aurora Trout Winter Fishing

Winter fishing and ice fishing are the same thing when you are fishing this far north. Snow is possible as early as late September and small lakes start freezing over in late October. If you are going to have any chance at...

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Aurora Trout An Introduction

The Aurora Trout, (Salvelinus fontinalis timagamiensis), is a variant or subspecies of the brook trout native and found in two lakes in the Temagami District of Ontario, Canada, part of northern Canada. The Aurora Trout is the...

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Aurora Trout Deep Water Fishing

The Aurora Trout does not have a large distribution so learning where to find them and how to catch them is not difficult. The locals are often the best source of information due to their limited distribution but they are not...

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Aurora Trout Distribution

they are native to only two lakes in the world. Read that again: two lakes in the entire world! The Aurora Trout is one of the rarest fish in the world. It is not because they have been over fished, it is because they have such...

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Aurora Trout Feeding

Like the brook trout, the aurora also is not very intelligent. They are an attractive fish but seem to have the intelligence of a garden tractor. As a result, the aurora trout is not selective in its feeding habits. If something...

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Aurora Trout Habitat

The Aurora Trout is found in two lakes in northern Ontario, Canada. While they have been introduced to some 12 other lakes, their populations are not stage enough to sustain their population. What is known about the Aurora Trout...

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Aurora Trout Lake Fishing

In the summer, Aurora Trout can be found as deep as 30 feet/10 meters just below the thermocline. They prefer sheltered bays and sections of shoreline that offer submerged rocks sharp drops offs and sunken debris that offer...

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Aurora Trout Reproduction

In order for Aurora Trout to spawn successfully, the water temperature must be below 20°C/68°F. Little was known about the spawning habits of the Aurora Trout until the 1950s when the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, in an...

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Aurora Trout Autumn Fishing

As the water temperature drops in the fall months, Aurora Trout return to shallow water, leaving the deep parts of the lake. In northern Ontario, Canada, fall can start as early as late august. Most years, there is a marked...

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Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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