The Arctic Charr is a great fighting fish. It has the same reputation as freshwater bass species like the Smallmouth Bass and the Peacock Bass.

They taste great and can be part of any upscale meal and are found at many large supermarkets and fish markets.

The only negative when it comes to the Arctic Char is its remote location in one of the most remote and inhospitable places in the world – the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Charr Spook Easy

  • While Arctic Charr like to school in large numbers. If you come across a large number of arctic charr, be careful not to spook them. Sounds and movement from the shoreline can spook them.
  • Catching a Charr will also cause the school to spook and take off. If this happens, it may take an hour or two before they relax and fishing will result in any good strikes. Either wait it out or move on to a new location.

Arctic Charr Deep Water Fishing Techniques

Arctic Charr don’t go very deep and don’t usually go very far away from the shores or estuaries of their birth river.

However, they can often be found roaming in water as deep as 20 to 40 feet.

The best way to catch Arctic Charr when they venture into water this deep is with the use of a charter boat. This of course reduces the locales that can be fished from as there are very few ports in the Arctic Charr’s distribution with the exception of a few cities in Alaska.

Trolling using deep diving spoons and spinners is your best method, though casting works just as well with the same lures.

Live bait also works well.

Avoid the use of stale bait. A fishing trip to the Arctic costs enough without skimping out on bait.