No one is successful at catching Arctic Char in estuaries in the Autumn months as the Arctic Char have already started to migrate inland to spawn.

Spawning begins as early as September in the north, but may not start until October in the southern end of their distribution.

Due to the dangerous nature of winter storms in the north and its isolation from hospitals, transportation hubs and food and shelter, autumn and winter fishing is not recommended in the northern most part of the Arctic Charr’s distribution. The exception being if you’re a local and truly understand the land and how to live off it. If you are not native to the area, we highly recommend using a local guide when fishing the higher latitudes.

Autumn is one of the best times to catch large Arctic Charr.

Arctic Charr Change Color

For most of the year, Arctic Charr are silver in color with some exceptions. Once spawning is underway, their color changes to dramatic reds and oranges, or even a pinkish orange.

Charter Boats Tips

Other than the extreme northern parts of their distribution, Charter Boat are available especially out of Alaska. They offer Estuary fishing, inland rivers and some large lakes.

Charters are booked in advance for the best dates. For best results, book their entire boat with your friends so you have more control over the destination and the targeted species. Go with a bunch of strangers and you may not have the best exposure to waterways that contain Arctic Charr.

Many of the local guides in the north use fan boats as they are perfect for crossing thin ice and open water and function much in the same way as a hovercraft.

If you’re a novice angler and your head is spinning from all the information here and the level of planning, book a charter boat that supplies all the required tackle and gear. This will cut down the level of planning and reduce the stress level and make your trip far more enjoyable.

  • Also, make sure the charter boat is certified by the US Coast Guard or Canadian Coast Guard.