GPS devices are also useful, especially for night fishing and fishing in remote areas.

Spring Conditions

Spring is the most popular season for catching Whiterock Bass. Although success can be found in all seasons, spring offer a high level of activity due to the nature of the fish migration, spawning of baitfish and the spawning of other freshwater species. They can be found in streams and rivers where they spawn when water temperatures reach the mid 50&degs. Their spawning time is right in between the White Bass and the Striped Bass.

Northern distributions, including North Dakota, Michigan and Manatoba see warm temperature arriving much later than the southern States. Warm weather starts to arrive in February and spawning for many river species begins. In the north, however, ice does not break up until April and it may not be until June before spawning occurs.


They are sign feeders, and as such, lures work best when they appear as small baitfish that have silver, chrome, clear or translucent finishes. Though if one prefers the old way of catching bass, traditional baits work just as well as the replicating lures. Bass Fishing Gurus recommends the ever favourite bass bait of crayfish and fathead minnows, though gizzard shad, golden shinners and leeches are also highly effective. In the south, alewives are also very popular.


Obviously, it is important to have life jackets and a first aid kit when fishing in remote streams. Other useful devices include cell phones, satellite phones, electric motors and GPS devices.

In areas where cell phone coverage is not available, we recommend renting a satellite phone as they provide coverage everywhere on the surface of the planet. At about $35.00 per week, these shold be mandatory when fishing in remote areas.

GPS devices are also useful, especially for night fishing and fishing in remote areas. While there are many good GPS devices, consider getting a fish finder combon device such as a Hummingird dual beam sonar device with GPS.

And lastly, consider a 12-volt electric motor to avoid using the your gas or diesel as it will scare away the fish. Electric motors allow you to sneak up on the fish and are highly advisable at night when there are very few sounds to disturbe the fish.