The Spotted Bass’ native habitat is the lower Mississippi river drainage area, but it has expanded through the Mississippi valley waterways. Through introduction, the spotted bass has been introduced to California and as far away as South Africa due to its fighting ability and rate of growth.


The Spotted Bass is broken down into 3 sub species, though they all pretty much look the same and grow to the same overall length and size.


The northern Spotted Bass is so named because it’s found in the northern distribution of the species domain, which includes Apalachicola drainage consisting of Georgia and Alabama, the Cape Fear drainage area consisting of North Carolina and the Roanoke and James drainages of Virginia.


The Alabama Spotted Bass is found in the state of Alabama and California and the Wichita Spotted Bass is domiciled to West Cache, Oklahoma.

Texas Spotted Distribution

Spotted Bass are very popular in Texas and can be found in eastern Texas from the Red River to the Guadalupe Basin exclusive of the Edwards Plateau.


They’re found in the following drainage units for distribution of Micropterus punctulatus in the state: Red River in the from the mouth upstream to and including the Kiamichi River, Sabine Lake including minor coastal drainages west to Galveston Bay. Galveston Bay including minor coastal drainages west to mouth of Brazos River, Brazos River, Colorado River.