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Spotted Bass Distribution

The Spotted Bass’ native habitat is the lower Mississippi river drainage area, but it has expanded through the Mississippi valley waterways. Through introduction, the spotted bass has been introduced to California and as...

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Spotted Bass Spring Fishing

Spotted Bass gather in the spring to spawn when the water temperature reaches a sustained temperature of 60°F/15.5°C. Tactics used to catch the smallmouth bass work well with the Spotted Bass   However the Spotted Bass has...

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Spotted Bass Summer Fishing

Summer fishing techniques differ from spring fishing in 3 ways. Most of the fishing is done in deeper water The spawning season is over making it easier to attract Spotted Bass For those locations that have closed seasons, well...

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An Introduction to Spotted Bass

The spotted bass can be caught with casting, trolling and fly fishing methods.   The Spotted Bass (Micropterus punctulatus) is also called Alabama Spotted Bass, Black Bass, Kentucky Bass, Kentucky Spotted Bass, Linside,...

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Spotted Bass Lake Fishing

These are not a Lake Fish. The Spotted Bass is best at home in rivers and streams with moderately fast moving water.   However they’ve been introduced to many lakes and reservoirs and have done quite well in these...

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Spotted Bass Night Fishing

Night fishing for Spotted Bass is a lot of fun. A common favorite for catching the Spotted Bass is eel in combination with a jig.   Unlike other bass, the best night time fishing is during a full moon, though catching other...

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Spotted Bass Reproduction Facts

Spotted Bass spawn when the water temperature reaches between 63°F and 68°F/15°C to 18°C, which ranges from May in Texas and Alabama to June in Missouri and Illinois.   The male sets about making a nest over gravel or rocky...

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Spotted Bass Features and Size

Spotted Bass tend to have an appetite larger than their mouth. How to Identify Spotted Bass Spotted Bass have a moderately compressed elongated body with coloration and markings similar to those of the Largemouth Bass. Both have...

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Spotted Bass Deep Water Fishing

BlueFox vibrax spinners work well near downed trees in 3 to 5 feet of water. However, one of the best lures that works with every bass is the Carolina rigged worms.   Depending on shore angle and depth, run a split shot...

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Spotted Bass Feeding

Young Spotted Bass eat plankton, insects, insect larvae and other small fish they can find while the adult bass prefer a diet of golden shiners, shad, crawfish and salamanders.   Despite a preference for the golden shiners,...

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Top Tips

Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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