European Bass feeds mostly at night on small baitfish, marine worms, mollusc and crustaceans.

Like all Bass, the European Bass is a voracious predator that eats a wide variety of food including molluscs, crabs, prawns, shrimp, razor clams, squid and other small fish. School bass feed on smaller crustaceans and fry. The juvenile European Bass feed on invertebrates, taking increasingly more fish with age.

Dietary requirements

Commercial fishing has analysed the nutritional requirements of the European Sea bass down to a science. They have found that the ideal diet for rapid growth while maintaining health includes 15 parts vitamin-free casein, 1 part fish soluble protein concentrate, 38 parts dextrin, 1 part Agar, a vitamin mix at 5 parts, mineral mix at another 5 parts, fish oil and lecithin at 11 parts, cellulose at 5 parts and an amino acid mix at 19 parts.


European Bass feeds mostly at night on small baitfish, marine worms, mollusc and crustaceans. When the European Bass is hungry, it can be seen leaping out of the water chasing after it’s prey.

Of all the marine worms that the bass eat, the ragworm is highly recommended among British anglers with a 1 or 3 hook. Before heading out on a fishing trip, make sure the local baitshop has plenty of these worms.

If they are out of the Ragworm, the Lugworm comes in as a close second. However, don’t think of these two baits substitutes for each other. The Lugworm is best used around sandy beaches.


Crustaceans are a favourite of the European bass with many of these being their top prey.

Peeler Crabs

Another favourite of the northern Atlantic European bass is the peeler crab. To attract the larger bass, we hear that the larger velvet peeler or soft velvet crab will work best.

Crayfish and Shrimp

Crayfish have to be the top prey of all predator fish both ocean going and freshwater based. For those extra large European Bass, the lobster makes an extra special feast.

Shrimp are another top prey for the European Bass and they will strike at them whenever they are available regardless of the season.