Winter fishing and ice fishing are the same thing when you are fishing this far north.

Snow is possible as early as late September and small lakes start freezing over in late October.

If you are going to have any chance at catching Aurora Trout in the winter, ice fishing is the only way to go as all lakes in their distribution are ice covered.

Ice Fishing Gear

A manual or motorized ice fishing auger is the only way to dig an 8-inch fishing hole. While I have seen people trying to cut a hole with an axe, don’t even try this method.

A chain saw is recommended to digging larger holes, but it is simply not required and adds to the risk of falling through the ice.

If you are not renting an ice fishing hut, bring lots of breathable clothing, hats and warm gloves. You should also have a compass as it is very easy to get lost on a lake if the snow and wind wii up.

Once the wind picks up, it is impossible to see the shore and studies have shown that it is impossible to walk a straight line without a point of reference.

Ice Conditions

People fall through the ice every year. Not everyone who falls through is an idiot messing around in an unfamiliar environment. Some are experienced anglers and tourists that have failed to check out the safety points of unfamiliar lakes. Some lakes have currents that eat away at the ice along the points. You should also watch out for pressure ridges as there is often open water and a risk of falling in.

Checking the local authorities for ice conditions before heading out. Make sure to ask which areas are unsafe and avoid these areas.

Winter Baits and Lures for Aurora Trout

Minnows, jigs and spoons all work perfectly well in winter when fishing through an ice fishing hole. All local northern tackle shops are stocked with plenty of minnows and jigs for ice fishing.

However, be sure to have a variety of lures as Aurora Trout won’t always go for the same lure. This is a tip that should not be a surprise and works with every freshwater fish. Fish are like people, they won’t always go for the same thing.

Just like the rest of the year, Aurora Trout follow the bait fish. If they are not present, the Brook Trout may also be elsewhere.