Fish everywhere are being tagged by fisheries in order to track a fish’s movements in the wild. It’s not really a stretch that lures are becoming electronic. The question is ‘Are they successful or simply a gimmick?’

Review of the Bite Light

Also know as light n’ live and the Light n’ Strike, the Bite Light is an electronic lure that has become a top selling lure for catching bass in the United States and Canada for the past few years. What sets this lure apart from other lures is a flashing light that glows bright red when lit.


The light is powered by a tiny battery and controlled by a small chip, much the same as you would find in an expensive European watch, where batteries often cost around US$15.00 or more. A company that sells the lure claims that using the lure produces non stop action with no more than 7 minutes between each catch.

Fishy Claims?

When we first heard about this lure, everything we saw came across as a gimmick. The ads looked like gimmicky, the some web sites selling them were cheap looking and used all the right words and phases to get someone to part with a few dollars. All referred to “as seen in field and stream”. Was it an ad or was it a write up?


The sales literature further references scientific fishing. This again seemed like ‘gimmick’ language. Since when is adding a LED to a lure scientific? It may be innovative, but it’s hardly a scientific innovation.


It’s been claimed that it’s been the top selling lure in Florida for 3 years straight. That it’s set records in the far east and Mexico for catching bass. And, that it’s so successful that it’s been banned in the state of Wyoming.

So, does it work?

We went about searching for authoritative reviews from credible sources. Well we found a rather long list of sources that confirm the claim that you can catch a bass within 7 minutes of casting, cast after cast.


The World Fishing Network says, “I casted and almost as soon as I started my retrieve a bite. This happened repeatedly for the short time I used it.” PRWed further backs up this claim.


The Bite Light sells for US$39.95 per kit. Each kit includes 3 different lures.


When you add up the cost of all your bass lures, this may end up being an excellent price if it’s able to work well at night or day, in the summer or winter and in clear or murky water.

From the field

Steve wrote us recently claiming that he bought one and catches more bass, more frequently than with any other lure.

Final Word

While we found some credible reviews and have received some user feedback, there’s too many signs that point to this being a gimmick. Until we hear more from anglers, we cannot recommend this lure.


If you’ve had extensive experience with this lure, drop us a note and we’ll publish your comments here.

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