Why it’s important to buy a quality landing net

Depending on the purpose of the net that you’re buying, always keep in mind the quality. Good nets are made of fish friendly materials such as nylon and other oil-based materials. They dry fast and are often made of two sections that are made of water resistant materials.

Landing Nets

fished river trout with landing net Use a landing net to increase the odds of landing a fish once hooked.


The net should be large enough to contain the entire fish. Sounds simple enough, but if you’re out fishing for a modest 6 pound bass and end up catching a lunker, is your net big enough?


We recommend having a net that is big enough to land the largest fish of the species you are looking to catch.

Bait Fishing Nets

These nets are an active method of catching bait fish. While the nets have small holes in them to catch bait fish, the hole sizes vary depending on the size and type of bait fish.

Bait Fish Traps

These fishing nets are a passive means of catching bait fish.


Click here to find for details on catching crayfish and how to use them as live bait.

Keep Nets

Keep nets are designed for keeping fish alive for a specific period of time. Some anglers use them to keep the fish alive until they’re ready to kill them so they stay fresh longer.

Others prefer to keep the fish alive to observe and later release them. Some consider the use of keep nets to be cruel. It’s believed in some circles that the fish should be released immediately to minimise the chance that the fish will die.

Special Landing Nets

Special landing nets are any non-standard net used to land large or odd shaped fish.