Summer fishing techniques differ from spring fishing in 3 ways.

  1. Most of the fishing is done in deeper water
  2. The spawning season is over making it easier to attract Spotted Bass
  3. For those locations that have closed seasons, well this is the first true season for catching Spotted Bass

We recommend deep fishing over planted brush piles near a major creek or river channel as it can be very effective. To do this effectively, you’ll require a seasoned fishing guide that knows every aspect and corner of the river and lakes, or… go out and get yourself a solid dual beam sonar device that offers gps.


Common baits in the Spotted Bass’s diet include crayfish, fathead minnows, golden shiners, gizzard shad, smallmouth fry, largemouth fry, dragonflies, insect larvae, leeches and the ever popular leech.


We recommend avoiding leeches and worms as these are pretty common for catching everything from sunfish to lunker largemouth bass. But note you’re more likely to end up catching the small fish first.

Spotted Bass Lures

  • Any lure that replicates the action or vibrations of a wounded bait fish like the gizzard shad are effective like a crankbait.
  • Spoons and spinners prove successful on cloudy days and when fishing in deeper water.
  • Lures that resemble crayfish also work very well as do large plastic worms.

Spotted Bass enjoy and take to deep-diving crankbaits along mid-depth ledges in the 10 to 16 ft depth range. In general, downsizing baits helps catch more spots by matching their prey size preference and smaller size and smaller mouth, relative to largemouth bass.


They also respond to sound, hitting rattling crankbaits, rattlebaits, and plastics presented with glass beads and brass sinkers.


To attract Spotted Bass to the surface, position the boat over deep water and cast across underwater humps or stands of submerged timber.


Work baits like Spooks, Pop-Rs, or propeller baits fast to trigger bites. When spots hold along steep rocky breaks, work baits parallel to the bank or break, with each cast progressively deeper.


Whenever fishing deep water, a fish finder is essential.

fish finder with gps