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Pink Salmon Summer Fishing

Let’s start off by looking at the colour of lures instead of techniques as we look at summer fishing techniques for Pink Salmon. Bright colours work very well at catching their attention. However, this is generally so only...

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Pink Salmon Winter Fishing

British Columbia has a lot of great rivers and streams to catch Pink Salmon. These rivers are often filled with other Pacific Salmon including chum, coho, sockeye, chinook and other spawning fish species. While the Pacific...

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Pink Salmon An Introduction

Pink Salmon’s scientific name is derived from the russian name, gorbua, which means salmon. Sometimes the translation is a bit of a let down. I myself was looking for something a little more interesting. The Pink Salmon is...

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Pink Salmon Habitat

The Pink Salmon is anadromous, which means that the Pink Salmon is an ocean going fish. Anadromous Lifestyle This might seem like a contradiction because they can be found in freshwater lakes their entire life. However, in their...

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Pink Salmon Reproduction

Adult Pink Salmon migrate from the sea to fresh water between the months of July to October. They travel anywhere from 40 miles/64 kilometres up river to as many as 300 miles/480 kilometres. Pink salmon in their native range...

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Pink Salmon River Fishing

Some anglers claim that that Pink Salmon are not worth going after. They claim that they are not very good fighters and that they do not have the best taste when it comes to salmon. When compared to other salmon, the Pink Salmon...

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Pink Salmon Features and Size

The Pink Salmon undergoes one of the most distinct physical changes when it spawns, well the male Pink Salmon that is. Humpback Appearance It develops a large hump. The male Pink Salmon is so distorted that it appears to be a...

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Pink Salmon Spring Fishing

Spring finds Pink Salmon in the ocean. Those that are found in streams are young hatchlings and are not worth going after. The best time to fish for Pink Salmon in rivers is late summer and early to mid fall throughout much of...

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Pink Salmon Autumn Fishing

The smallest of the five Pacific species, Pink Salmon reach spawning weights of 5 – 11 pounds in their second summer. A very few actually make it to a second spawning year and only a few males actually survive. Best...

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Pink Salmon Deep Water Fishing

Pink Salmon can be found in the ocean for their entire life with the exception of when they hatch from their eggs and when they return to their birth river to spawn and die. Ocean Preferences While in the ocean, they can be...

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Pink Salmon Distribution

Pink salmon are native to Pacific ocean from northern Japan across to northern California and all the way up to the Arctic Ocean. The Pink Salmon can be found in the Arctic waters and feeder rivers and streams of eastern Russia,...

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Pink Salmon Feeding Habits

Pink Salmon are not much different than other Pacific Salmon in terms of habitat preference, water temperate and their distribution. They also have similar food preferences. Pink Salmon will eat euphausiids, amphipods and a...

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Top Tips

Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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