Unlike other hybrid fish, the Whiterock Bass are not sterile.

Whiterock Bass, (Morone saxatilis & Morone chrysops) is a hybrid striper, or more precisely, it is the offspring of a pure-strain white bass parent and a pure-strain striped bass parent.

Over the years, it has become a very popular freshwater game fish that has found its way across North America. In many places, this hybrid fish is referred to as a “wiper”, and this was how it was referred to us when we received the request to add this species into our species section.

But it is not a true Specie

Normally we would not add a hybrid species, but due to the interest it has gather in books, publications and fishing circles, we feel there is enough interest to warrant a section dedicated to the Whiterock Bass.

Table Fare

Due to its small size, it is known as a pan fish and has a pretty good taste. They travel in schools and are known for their fighting ability, which is not surprising considering their parents and the family in which they come from. Bass of all sub species are aggressive fighters regardless of their size and white rock bass are no different, offering the same fight.


The Whiterock Bass is stockier than the Striped bass, is shorter in length and is thicker. However, the colour patterns of the Whiterock Bass is very similar to that of the Striped Bass


However, there is one tell tail sign to identify a Whiterock Bass from its parents. The Whiterock Bass has lateral lines like it’s parents but the line is broken in the middle.


The Striped Bass can reach 50 pounds, which is a very large fish. The Striped bass also spend most of their lives in saltwater, only coming into the rivers and streams to spawn. The Whiterock Bass, though, does not get much larger than five pounds. So essentially, the Whiterock Bass are miniature Striped Bass and spend their entire lives in freshwater.


Unlike other hybrid fish, the Whiterock Bass are not sterile. However, they are not fully functional. In order procreate, one of the parents must be a pure strain.